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Universal Services India is the authorised distributor for Bielomatik Lubrication products in India.

Lubrication Technology

Economically and environmentally friendly.

Lubrication technology is dominated by two questions: Firstly, what about the costs? And secondly, what does a resource-saving solution look like?

The right answers: minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and central lubrication (CL). For example: MQL. We are the only company that offers singe and dual-channel systems for metal processing. We also offer special solutions such as a portable unit especially developed for the aircraft construction.

Our CL, including patented technologies and special solutions, allows ease of use in all engineering industries. Some special economical features include: the possibility to expand existing machines with CL and our service of pre-assembled montage units.

Central Lubrication

Extensive product range of system parts, patented technologies and customized high precision solutions for perfectly dosed lubrication of machines and systems for all branches in the machine building industry. Especially profitable: retrofitting of existing machines with automated lubrication systems and using pre-mounted assembly units.

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Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Technique: Introduction of an exact amount of oil to the active area of the tool – an almost dry method where heat is largely dissipated via the chips. General benefits: Approx. 50% less CO2 emissions, up to 90% decreased water consumption, up to 98% fewer oil-containing waste.


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Your Benefits

  • Easy installation, user-friendly, straightforward retrofit
  • Integrated control, tool parameters are accessible via I/O interface or PLC control
  • Suitable for lower up to medium rotational spindle speeds (max. 16.000 rpm), also suited for dry running of spindles with complex inner geometries, optional switching between coolant and MQL

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Your Benefits

  • Suitable for spindle speeds of up to 40.000 rpm, tools with high lubricant requirements and small tools with feed channels < 1 mm.
  • Exact dosing with modifiable oil supply, independent of speed.
  • No contamination of joining areas, or during tool change.
  • Integrated process control, the tool parameters are controllable via I/A interface, Profibus or Profinet.
  • Optional: measuring kit for calibration and rapid troubleshooting.

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MQL 2+

Your Benefits

  • Highly economic and much more environment-friendly compared to cost-intensive cryogenic cooling with nitrogen or carbon dioxide.
  • A technique developed especially for the machining of challenging materials like sandwich materials, composite materials and high-strength steels.
  • Water as additional fluid, evaporating completely at the cutting edge.
  • Immediate heat reduction at the active area of the tool compared to MQL-2-channel-machining with oil only.

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Your Benefits

  • With a special control system, the Mobile Lubrication Unit (MLU) adjusts to the different demands of sandwich materials via automated on or off switching of the MQL process.
  • Automatic stop of the oil flow while passing through the cfk layer, leaving the drilling site dry.
  • Portable device designed specifically for aircraft construction, can be connected to all customary drilling feed units.
  • For all layer types.

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MQL Retrofit

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Your Benefits

  • Comprehensive service including installation consulting or mechanical installation, electrical installation, commissioning, acceptance test incl. spray test, calibration and MQL training.
  • Transport of the MQL oil to the active area with low energy requirements.
  • Higher quality of the components thanks to fresh MQL oil evaporating at the tool edge.
  • Dry chips that can be recycled immediately, close to oil-free machine tools and work pieces.
  • The machining process can be observed.

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